Professional Level Massage For Your Home

"Vertiball has reinvented how we treat back and muscle pain"


The mobile mounting system allows Vertiball to mount to smooth surfaces (painted drywall, metal, wood, plastic and laminates).

No more awkward positions and lying on the ground to relieve back and muscle pain with massage rollers. Vertiball makes alleviating specific tense muscles effortless.


Simply lean on Vertiball with your body weight to relieve muscle knots and tension. You control how much pressure to apply.

Muscle rolling or "myofascial release therapy"  is used by professional athletes to reduce muscle fatigue, increase range of motion and to improve muscular performance.


You can take it with you anywhere. Tense muscles are unpredictable, so you should be able to alleviate the pain anytime and anywhere.

Use Vertiball for just 5 minutes a day to improve circulation, range of motion and quality of life. Try risk free for 30-days and experience the benefits for yourself.

Vertiball Massager - Vertiball
Vertiball Massager
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As a physiotherapist, I am constantly looking for tools that will help my patients with their aches and pains. The Vertiball is that tool. It not only assists in taking away muscle soreness and pain but it is a device that can help prevent injuries secondary to movement dysfunction. We sell it in our clinic and it flies off our shelves. The product speaks for itself. Everyone should give it a try.

Dr. Chris Scott, Repair SI

Natural Pain Relief

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