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Vertiball - The World's First Mountable, Portable Massager

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Stop and take a big deep breath. How does your back feel? And your neck? If you're constantly in pain, it's hard to focus on anything.

We've been there--constantly doing a dance of stretches and getting in crazy positions on the corner of our desks and couches just to get some relief.

Massage is great but getting one every day costs a fortune, and asking your spouse to do it gets tired after weeks of asking.



  • Mountable Lock onto wall at any height 
  • Portable Unlock from wall after using and take it anywhere.
  • Precise Makes targeting tense back muscles effortless.
  • Control Let's you decide how much pressure to apply
  • Accessible So relief doesn't depend on physical ability.

Our patent-pending mounting system can easily be mounted and easily taken off.

Before Vertiball there were only two ways of mounting something to a wall (adhesives & screws) - both of which cause damage was and were made to be permanent--no good for an office space or an apartment.

Because it works on porous surfaces like your wall, Vertiball is truly special. It took  and countless hours and 220 new designs to make the product into what it is today.

While there are other high-strength suction cups available for industrial purposes, there is simply nothing like the Vertiball.

 Key Features

The best thing about Vertiball is how effortless it makes alleviating specific muscle pain. If you are at the office in the middle of a busy day, are you going to get down on the ground and roll your whole back out? No probably not.

That’s why no-one does it and why back pain continues to be one of our worlds most common health problems.

It is so easy and so simple you can send emails why you lean into it. You never need to go a long day with sore muscles again.

With your order, you will receive our revolutionary 360 degree ball, which is the "jack of all trades." We will be releasing new attachments coming soon that will be easily mountable on your Vertiball mount to help relieve muscle pain.

You take it with you anywhere (although it won’t be much good in the woods without modern infrastructure)

Tense muscles are unpredictable. So you should be able to alleviate the pain anytime, at any place.