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Amazing! Love it!

Absolutely amazing product! It is so worth it!

Great Roller

Haven’t bought any ergonomic products before but this one is a great introduction to them! Super helpful, really gets the knots and the tightness out.


The ball works great on my back. Cupped it to the wall and it didn’t move.
Also cupped it to my tile floor and ran my instep last on it.
Works great

Great product!!

This product works on the wall and in your hand if you want to use it that way or use it on a partner. Its very effective.. Love it!


It’s my new favorite thing! I can work out the kinks and usually get the vertiball right where it’s needed! I bought for my whole family!

The best!

So easy to use. This has helped me so much in just a couple of weeks. Some of the best money i ever spent. Buy one for yourself, you won't be sorry.


This thing is great. Make sure you suction it to a FLAT surface. Easy to use and adjust. Helped me and my wife tremendously.

It worked for muscular spasm over the scapula.


This product is awesome. I no longer need to bother my wife to work out my knots in my upper bac.

Awesome product!

Great set care innovation

As a former university tennis player and coach I have a lot of tightness in my shoulder blade and scapula regions. This is the best tool I’ve used to work out your on knots in your back.

On top of this I had some shipping issues and Doug from customer service worked with me to make sure my product was delivered fast.

Glad I have it

Buy this now!!!

We love the vertiball and use it daily. It’s been able to help with built up knots and allow us to continue with working out while reducing pain from the knots and areas of tension. Highly recommend this!!

Life changing!

I waited for my Vertiball to come back into stock and I have to say... it was WELL worth the wait! I am in love with this product. Placing the Vertiball was super simple and I was able to reach 6yr old aches and pains providing first time relief!! Tears of happiness streamed. This has truly changed my quality of life! I am so grateful to have learned of your product and will tell everyone I know to check it out.

Vertiball Massager

Works great

The Vertiball performs as advertised. I attach it to the door to our garage and it's rock-solid. It's easy to assemble and take down and fit and finish is first-rate. The product is neither cheap nor flimsy. I was honestly very impressed. And, bottom line, it work really well. I've had a giant knot behind my right shoulder blade for the past 11 years that fires and grabs and just plain sucks. I hadn't found anything that could aggressively and persistently go after that knot until the Vertiball. Truly. It was worth every penny.


I've been working so hard to undo my years of slouching in my middle school and highschool days. I have all kinds of myofascial release tools and they work great, but this one is the best! I love that I can pinpoint AND roll the hot spots in my back. Also, getting at my front delts, pecs, and upper traps has never been easier.

Vertiball Massager

Vertiball Massager


Excellent product! No more fighting with a ball on the wall for trigger points. My only mild complaint is for different ball sizes and densities...perhaps future accessories??

It is amazing

Get it you won't regret it. I have worked out right muscles that haven't been loose for years.

WFH essential

Perfect for everyday use - WFH especially

Works out my knots.

I really enjoy this product. Just the fact that i can put it anywhere and whichever height is my favorite. Im so glad i invested in this product.

Love it

I have major chronic knots in in back and shoulders that I try reaching with whatever I can find to give some relief. The Vertiball is great and I feel like I am “working out” as I massage my back (bending at the knees repeatedly). Unfortunately, my apartment doesn’t come with a lot of smooth surfaces to provide a solid hold for the Vertiball. I used the refrigerator door to attach it but found it on the floor a couple days later (Understandably so, as my roommate closes the fridge door rather aggressively). If I had a good place to stick it, I would buy more. This is something that I always wanted since the car accident but no one had invented it yet. Thank you Vertiball for my lifetime massage therapist. Worth the money

Vertiball Massager

As Advertised

Fully satisfied with the purchase. I use it daily. Much better than a lacrosse ball or theracane. Shirt or no shirt. Secure on painted wooden door. Just don't leave it there for extended periods of time as it will eventually lose suction.