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Vertiball Massager
Stepanie Wood

I never did receive mine pretty upset was looking forward to it

Absolutely Amazing

It works great, and really hits those hard to reach areas. Highly recommend!

Helpful and convenient

My wife has been suffering from some long term knots in her upper back and when I saw the Vertiball I thought maybe this would. She absolutely loves it and is using it daily and it seems to be helping her relieve that back pain.

Vertiball Massager
Paul Petrozza

Great product. Works very well. Glad I bought it.

Vertiball Massager
Draven Gore
Amazing, great for shoulder and even upper back pain.

I would recommend this to everyone. It’s a great once a week or hard day on your feet rub out some knots on the back and shoulders. Greattttt gift for friends and family. If I could be a spokes man or sponsor for this company I so would. Make sure you find a smooth flat surface and it’ll stick to the wall.

Buy it

I have had 3 shoulder surgeries and I’m currently working out to get back to normal. Unfortunately my shoulder kept locking up. My physical therapist in the past would use his thumb (very painful) to release these muscles. I no longer have a therapist but I still have the problem. This device acts like my therapists thumb. It’s a life saver. Im getting stronger now and less shoulder problem each week thanks to this device.

Vertiball Massager
Patrick Donovan

Excellent for getting to those trigger point spots that massage chairs and others can't assist you with.

Vertiball Massager
Sandra Green

I ordered this for Xmas presents so have not used yet!!!

Its awesome


Been having trouble with my lower back and left side of my neck and upper back and this device came in for the win !!

Glad I bought this and would recommend this to anyone who is looking to take care of that lingering lactic acid build up or any stiff muscles you may have.

Game changer

I work at UPS and lately it's been alot of long days and heavy packages. My shoulders have been aching and tight. I started sticking the vertiball to the door of my truck and giving myself some good deep massage time on break and occasionally between stops. Since then my symptoms have been drastically reduced since.

Helps get out deep knots and relaxes muscles!

Vertiball Massager

Vertiball Massager
Michael Valencia
It was too hard for my mother to arm work it, she’s 80 years old

I thought it could’ve been a little bit easier to work for the ball the roller bit easier also

Awesome tool!

In 30+ years of practice I always knew there was something better than a lacrosse ball on the wall. I had a lot of design ideas but nothing I came up with even came close to how good the Vertiball is and works.

Vertiball Massager
Kerry Keane
Love this

I tried coming up with an invention like this a few years ago and couldn’t make it happen. I was SO excited to find it. I use it every day. It’s a life saver for tight muscles that foam rolling just won’t reach.


I was skeptical at first but I’ve been blown away at how amazing this product is. Love it!!!

Love it

Just what we wanted. Gets the spots you can't reach.

Vertiball Massager
Diamond Kris


Vertiball Wholesale
Michael Napierala
Great product! Wish I'd have thought of this...

The VertiBall has been a great addition to our PT clinic. Patients really appreciate the versatility and ease of varying placements on the wall for different body parts, that they can trust where the direct pressure will be (vs a rolling ball on the wall), and especially the depth that can created for tight tissues and trigger point type hypertonus. This is a no-brainer volume purchase for any ortho-sports type PT practice looking to help their patients with easy access to a reasonably priced retail product!!!

Everyone’s favorite product

Everybody at our local small gym loves this new addition. Thank you!


Unique tool that really helps my mobility

I just turned 38, therefore, I need this.

I love this thing. It does NOT stick to a regular wall but IDGAF bro - stick that ish on a door or something cuz it defo works!!! LOVE it!

Vertiball Massager
Mariah Dufrain

This thing is amazing I used to lay on the ground and use a golf ball was harder than heck because I have dogs trying to lick my face and everything else now I can stick this thing to the wall and rub my back out so much better it works great!!!

Vertiball Massager
Laura Robinson
Wow! Amazing!

Bought it as a gift for my father in law! The family loves it! It really works and man it feels good!