Stay Safe: COVID-19 Update

Dear Customers and Partners,

We know that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing major disruptions to you, your families, and communities. Not to mention your self-care and muscle recovery routine. 

We are thankful to not be seeing any significant shipping delays, and we are continuing to deliver your Vertiball in normal fashion. If we do see any delays due to the global pandemic, we will let you know right away.

To let you all know what steps we have been taking to fight COVID-19, we would like to address a few changes we have made.

  • Masks and gloves have been provided to all people who handle your Vertiball
  • The temperature is checked each day of each person who is working at our California warehouse. Additionally, package handlers have also been equipped with gloves and masks to eliminate the spread of germs
  • All machinery and work areas are disinfected at least once per day
  • All headquarter staff in Fredericton, Canada are currently working from home

As always, we will continue to pay careful attention to the situation. 

If you have any questions regarding an existing order, please contact our dedicated customer service specialists at In some cases, due to high demand, delivery times may be longer than usual.


Team Vertiball

 *Due to high demand plea