Roll with the Pros: Taylor Rapp - Shoulders

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💥WE'RE BACK💥 This week on Roll with the Pros, Taylor Rapp takes us through a FULL upper body shoulder work out and tops it all off with a deep roll out with his favourite muscle recovery tool #Vertiball. **Use code RAPP at the checkout to save BIG on your next order.



Taylor Rapp: "Hey, whats up, guys. Taylor Rapp here from the LA Rams. Today I'm going to take you guys through a 20-30 minute upper body shoulder workout. I'll be taking you through some shoulder presses and some trap workouts.

So for the first part, the shoulders. Here we're gonna have single arm dumbbell press. Half kneeling. So right here. it's very important to get a good base right here. Making sure your core is locked in. You know, you're not leaning to one side. Very slow, controlled reps here as well. Making sure your breathing in between every rep as well. 

So for the next shoulder workout, I have some dumbbell lateral raises, some front raises. Very important here to control your weight. You know, making sure your not swinging the weight and making sure you're not doing too much weight. Make sure it's pretty light weight so that you can control the weight and get the most out of your workout. This is incredibly important right here to build strong and healthy shoulders. 

I bring Vertiball everywhere I go. I just finished a workout in the gym. I have it in my bag. It's so easy to use. You can pop it up on any wall and start rolling out the muscles that you've just worked out to get the most out of it."


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