Roll with the Pros: Taylor Rapp - Low Back & Core

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Taylor Rapp 

Published February 2, 2021 at 5:00pm AST.

 Hey, what's up, guys? Taylor Rapp here from the LA Rams taking you guys through a quick little 20-30 minute core and lower back workout. You know, I'll take you guys through a plank series, a little Russian Twist series, some medicine ball slams, glute ham machine. Start you guys out with the plank series.

First, on our front, just on our forearms right here, front right here. Making sure our full body is locked in, our core is tight, and our butt is tucked. 

So, for the next part of the plank series, we'll go on our left side here and really work on our lateral side. You wanna make sure here, you know, our body's straight, you know, we're not leaning, and our full body, our core is tucked in. So, to finish up our plank series, we'll go on the right side here, same thing. Make sure our full body is tucked and locked in. Our core is tight, and make sure our body is straight.

For the next part in our core workout, we're gonna be doing some Russian Twists right here. You're gonna be sitting down on the ground right here with the medicine ball. Have your feet up like this, your core engaged. Squeeze, and then just go side to side right here. Really working your side. 

For the next part of core, this is one of my favorite core exercises. Get in an athletic stance, shoulder width apart, and we're going to be doing overhead slams. So, you really unleash your power here. Really make sure you lock in your core every time you slam down.

For the next part right here, we'll be working the lower back. If your local gym has one of these machines, a glute ham machine, be locking your feet in here. If you feel like, you know, you can add some weight, you can add some weight or you can just start out body weight. And so, you're going to be going down right here, all the way down to the bottom, and all the way parallel, making sure your back is locked in, your core is locked in. 

You should be feeling a little work in your lower back right here. I bring this Vertiball everywhere I go. It's so easy to use. You can pop it up on any wall, and you start rolling out the muscles that you just worked out.


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